automatic fare collection system

Automatic Fare Collection and Reporting System(AFCRS)

With over 20 years of expertise and domain knowledge in Embedded Design, Hardware and Software solutions, Softland India Limited provides our Web Based Automatic Fare Collection and Reporting System The SIL – AFCRS.

Automatic Fare Collection and Reporting System is an End to End Solution Ideally suited for Bus Companies, Train, Ferry, Taxi or any other companies who extent their Transportation Services to the Cummutors and Issue Tickets and collection of payments from them..

A.F.C.R.S is an integrated system for managing the collection and consolidation of revenue and related information from the tickets issued to the commuters in the Fleet. A.F.C.R.S helps in the generation of, various financial & M.I.S data to the management, for effective analysis and decision making.

Our solution constitutes of a feature-rich back end web application and a Handheld Device, Palmtec Amphibia with Firmware for Ticketing as the front end application. With over 20 years of expertise and domain knowledge, in Transportation segments we has innovated a very compact, secure and feature rich Solution.

Optional models for cashless ticketing and cash ticketing are available in the system. This solution is an end-to-end derivative for controlling all aspects of ticketing in the fields

We also have models with dash mountable ticketing machines. In this case, machines are mounted at the entry and exit boards.

It provides excellent control over the vehicles over the fields. Being a web based solution, it is highly useful and simple to operate.