3 INCH Thermal & 2INCH Thermal With Cutter

3 INCH Thermal & 2INCH Thermal With Cutter

iPrintMarvel Thermal is a very small, rugged USB & Bluetooth enabled 2 Inch mini thermal printer that is suitable for all types of environment. This is designed with a small footprint and comes in an aesthetic plastic enclosure. iPrintMarvel works on Thermal Printing Technology. Its weight is just 350 grams & runs on rechargeable battery and can print up to over 12,000 lines even in a single charge.

Specification :

Thermal Printer 32 column printer 2 Inch and 48 column printer 3 inch Direct Thermal Printer Technology
Thermal Printer 32 column printer 2 Inch and 48 column printer 3 inch Direct Thermal Printer Technology
Speed 60 to 65 mm per sec
Printer Resolution 200 dpi
Font English Characters & Various TTF fonts (English,Hindi,Malayalam,Tamil,Arabic).Any language can be added on demand.
Logo Can Store Logos for Printing. 256KB is alotted for storing. Logos can be printed directly also without saving
PC / Mobile Interface Bluetooth(4.2), USB ,Serial Communication (RS-232) and WIFI
Buffer Area RAM 64 K Bits ( 16 KB ) Internal RAM. Large files can be printed by saving data in flash 4MB memory.
Battery 7.4 V Li-Ion Battery Pack 2200 Mah, 500 Recharge Cycle
Power 10 V DC Power Adaptor for Charging
Cabinet Moulded ABS Cabinet with PC Transparent Paper Cover
Dimension 4.8 Cms (Maximum Total 8.5 Cms) X 12.9 Cm X 6.6 Cm
Weight Approximately 350 Grams

Application :

  • Field Collection / Loan,Recovery for Banks, Insurance & NBFCs.
  • Ticketing in Govt. Transport Corporation Buses & Private Buses.
  • Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks, Parking Lots.
  • Courier Services Data Entry and Processing.
  • Parking Coupon Issue.
  • KOT Processing.
  • Shop / Restaurant / Fuel Billing.
  • Billing in Delivery Sales Van, Payment Collection / Order Processing in Distribution Network.
  • Spot Billing for Electricity & Water Companies.
  • Property Tax Collection.

Advantages :

  • Sophisticated environments like AC room, Computer furniture & qualified operator also are not required.
  • Virus threat is also ruled out. Since Palmtec is programmed for specific applications, there is no chance for misuses.
  • Though the operation is simple for laymen, security is ensured by data encryption and multi-level password protections.
  • Palmtec can be used in places where keeping (or carrying) a set of PC + Printer + UPS is impossible