Parking Management

Parking Management System Trivandrum, India

Software Products Palmtec for Field Collection in Banks & NBFCs

PALMTEC AMPHIBIA / PLUTONIA can be programmed with the relevant parking applications. The various systems available are as follows.

1. Palmtec Base Models for Single Entry Exit Gates.

2. Palmtec Modes with Multiple Entry and Multiple Exit Gates with Wireless Interface.

  • At the site, in the Parking Lot, a Computer is installed. The PC Side Software is loaded on to the same. The Wireless Transceiver is connected to the PC.
  • Palmtec is pre - loaded with the relevant application Parking Firmware. The Tariff and Vehicle Types can be downloaded to the machine from the Software Module Provided.
  • Each operator, at the entry and exit gates, is provided with the Palmtec. The Palmtec should be in the Wireless Range Area of PC. The Base Model comes with a Wireless Distance Capability of about 100 - 200 Meters. In case of increase in distances as required, Wireless Repeaters can be used. Higher Models with beyond 200 Meters are available.
  • On entry of the vehicles, the operator at entry gate can select the vehicle type, enter the vehicle number, and then Palmtec will generate the In-Slip receipt with the Date, Time, Vehicle number and In-Slip Number. Palmtec Intelligent software has an innovative facility of entering Vehicle numbers in the Intelligent Way. This is convenient as the entry of Vehicle Number on Single Key per character without the use of any Shift keys or arrow keys.
  • Palmtec also has the capability to print a Barcode. Using of Barcodes, Security Codes, and Preprinted stationary can enhance the security of the print out provided in the Parking Management System.
  • Now this data entered viz Vehicle Type and Vehicle Number along with the date, time, In-Slip Number and amount collected if any is stored in the Machine. Simultaneously, the same data is send to the Transceiver in the PC provided. The Software installed in the PC receives and Stores the same.
  • At the exit gate, the operator can collect the In-slip back from the customer and enter the In-slip number or Vehicle Number in Palmtec.
  • This data will be send to the PC and the PC will verify the records and calculate the parking fee, according to the tariff and vehicle type as configured based on the duration of parking, and sends the data pertaining to the charges to be collected from the customer. These relevant details are printed out on the Palmtec. The Amount can be collected in full or if advance is paid in the Entry Gate, the difference can be collected. Once the same is collected then the same will be updated back on the PC. Please find above the Sample Out-Slip generated. Reports can be generated from the machine as well as from the PC.