Business Information Realtime Display

LED Temple Display Board

Business Information Realtime Display(BIRD)

BIRD- Business Information Realtime Display is an innovative Digital Signage system for displaying Fixed Deposit Rates, Gold Loan Rates and various other interest rates to your customers. It can display 6 gold rate & 4 Deposit rates lines of interest rates simultaneously.The item name slips can be printed in multicolor or regional language. BIRD comes with a very simple and user-friendly software to create data and transfer to the display using a Pen-drive. Rate display part is available in Red, Green & Amber colors. It ensures long distance visibility, wide viewing angle and clarity in numbers. The light-weight, aluminum cabinet is aesthetically designed and can be either wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended.

Specification :

LED Panel for Display Indoor Red / Green / Amber
Lines 14 Lines of Display.
Connectivity Usb host for Pen Drive